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Key Equipment


  • Microspectrophotometer by CRAIC (transmission, reflection, 250-2100 nm) equipped with linear and circular polarization optics and a He cryostat.
  • Variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometer by Horiba Scientific (190-2100 nm, spot size down to 40 μm).
  • VIS-NIR polarimeter by Thorlabs (400-1700 nm).
  • FTIR spectrometer by Jasco (transmission, reflection, linear polarization, 1.3-28 μm).
  • mm-wave spectroscopy setup equipped with a He cyrostat (75-110 GHz)
  • laserlab/FTIR-spectrometer
  • Bespoke cryogenic probe station by Lake Shore (min temp. 7K, six micro-manipulated probe arms for optical and DC-RF electrical measurements) equipped with Semiconductor Device Analyzer by Agilent (Keysight) and NIR microspectrophotomer by CRAIC (900-2100 nm).

Laser Systems

  • 'Inspire' computer-controlled fs OPO by Spectra-Physics: 345-2500 nm, 140 fs pulse duration, 80 MHz repetition rate, up to 1100 mW average power.
  • Whitelase supercontinuum laser source by Fianium (400-2500 nm, 2W) with dual band acousto-optical tuneable filter by NKT Photonics (500-900 nm and 1150-2000 nm).
  • Integral Element Pro500 ultra-short pulse (<10 fs) oscillator by Femtolasers (Spectra Physics) with MIIPSBox640 pulse shaping system by Biophotonic Solutions.
  • Telcoms C-band (1527-1568 nm, 15.5 dBm) tuneable fibre-coupled lasers (x2) by ID Photonics and tuneable filter by Exfo (1450-1650 nm, bandwidth 0.05-0.95 nm).

Electron Microscopy

  • 50 keV, low-vacuum scanning electron microscope system equipped with hyperspectral cathodoluminescent imaging system by Horiba Scientific, modified for angle-resolved electron-induced light emission mapping.


  • 16 processor, 64 bit, 128 GB linux workstation for Comsol calculations.
  • Access to the university's Iridis Compute Cluster