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Nanophotonics & Metamaterials

Dear visitors to our website, dear colleagues.
Please rest assured that, in spite of the COVID-19 outbreak, research on nanophotonics and metamaterials at the ORC/Zepler Institute
at the University of Southampton continues full steam, perhaps in a slightly different way, for a few weeks, to comply with the UK Government regulations.
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Zheludev group picture

ORC Nanophotonics & Metamaterials Group
(Zheludev group)


Centre for Photonic Metamaterials


The Nanoscope Project

N. I. Zheludev

“Functional nanomechanical metamaterials driven by light, electromagnetic forces and sound”

Invited talk at
CLEO, San Jose CA, 11-15 May 2020
Symposium: Tunable and Nonlinear Optical Metasurfaces

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Optoelectronics Research Centre

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