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Optoelectronics Research Centre

£ 6M Metamaterials Grant

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (UK) announced a new 6-years Programme on NANOSTRUCTURED PHOTONIC METAMATERIALS to be established at Southampton University. The full economic cost of the Programme is £6,263,678 (~USD 9,100,000).

Our Vision for the Programme is "To develop a new generation of switchable and active nanostructured photonic media and to create in Southampton a world-leading centre of research on Nanostructured Photonic Metamaterials".

This multidisciplinary Programme is hosted by the Optoelectronics Research Centre and involves four schools at Southampton University.

Professor Nikolay Zheludev is announced as the Director of the Programme.

More information will be soon available at

"Metamaterials: Optical Properties on Demand"
Video by Webs Edge Education UK and The University of Southampton

"Metamaterials: The Next Photonic Revolution"
Video by, © University of Southampton

£ 4.9M Leverhulme grant for embedding a new discipline of Metamaterials

The Trustees of Leverhulme Trust have awarded Professor Sir John Pendry (Imperial College, London) and Professor Nikolay Zheludev (the University of Southampton) a grant for embedding a new discipline of Metamaterials in the UK. The grant will provide support for a number of academic and “tenure-track” positions at Imperial and Southampton. Dr. Eric Plum, Dr. Nikitas Papasimakis and Dr Stewart Jenkins have been selected for the posts of the Leverhulme trust Advanced Research Fellows at Southampton University. There research work will be aligned with the research programme of the Southampton Centre for Photonic Metamaterials.

CUDOS-2 (Australian Research Council)

The Centre for Photonic Metamaterials is working with 22 partners as part of the new Centre for Excellence for Ultrahigh Bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS-2) headed by the University of Sydney and funded by the Australian Research Council to the tune of AUS $ 23M over the next seven years.

Samsung Global Outreach Grant

Samsung has awarded the Centre for Photonic Metamaterials a global outreach grant of $100k for research in Chalcogenide Phase Change Materials in Active Plasmonic and Metamaterial Technologies. The project involves Professor Nikolay Zheludev, Professor Dan Hewak and Dr. Kevin MacDonald (ORC) and Brian Hayden from the School of Chemistry (and Ilika plc). The team will be investigating chalcogenide phase-change materials as agents for achieving switching functionality in metamaterial and plasmonic devices.

US Office of Naval Research

The Centre for Photonic Metamaterials with Professor Nikolay Zheludev is part in a collaboration funded by the Office of Naval Research, US Department of Defense, which will invest a substantial amount of resources over the next five years for the development of Large-Area 3D Optical Metamaterials with Tunability and Low Loss. This Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) will see the Southampton Centre for Photonic Metamaterials working in collaboration with the Universities of Pennsylvania, Texas, Purdue, North Eastern, and Harvard.

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