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Learn About Metamaterials

Metamaterials @ Southampton 2010-2021

A review of the EPSRC Programme on “Nanostructured Photonic Metamaterials” (2010-2015) and introduction to its successor on “The Physics and Technology of Metadevices and Metasystems” (2015-2021).

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Metamaterials at Southampton

New Frontiers in Metamaterials

A video series introducing some of our core research themes.

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Reconfigurable Photonic Metamaterials

Coherent Control in Photonic Metamaterials

Rewritable Phase Change Metamaterials

Toroidal Metamaterials: New Physics

Metamaterials: Optical Properties on Demand

Research overview commissioned by the American Physical Society.

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Metamaterials: The Next Photonic Revolution

Introduction to the promise of the metamaterials paradigm.

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