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PhD Opportunities

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PhD Opportunities

Work at the forefront of global photonics and advanced materials research:

We are seeking students with a background in physics, electronic engineering, chemistry or materials science to work with us on a variety of inter-related projects under major nanophotonics research programmes funded by the EPSRC (£5.6M) and the European Research Council (€2.6M).

You will join a strong international team of students, postdoctoral and academic staff working together on aspects of cutting-edge nanophotonics research – seeking to control light and light-matter interactions at the sub-wavelengths scale. A remarkable range of new phenomena is found in this regime, with wide-ranging potential applications in, for example, telecommunications, metrology, sensing, defence, super-resolution imaging, and data storage.

Our projects present opportunity to develop advanced skills in experimental photonics, computational electromagnetic modelling, electron and optical microscopy, high-throughput materials discovery, and nanofabrication:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Nanophotonic Materials

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way in which scientific discoveries are made. We apply AI to the development of advanced materials for photonic applications.

    Metamaterials & Optical Fibres

    We explore conceptually new applications of metamaterials to optical signal processing in fibre networks and advanced fibre lasers.

    Hybrid Nano-Elecro-Mechanical Systems

    We hybridize nano-electro-mechanical systems (NEMS) with liquid crystals to create smart, dynamically adaptable (field-programmable) optical materials and sensors.

    Nanophotonics & Nano-metrology

    We explore how recent fundamental advances in nanophotonics can be used in radically new metrological applications pushing the limits of resolution and functionality.

    Fundamental Optical Physics in Metamaterials

    We explore electromagnetic phenomena that are fundamentally forbidden or imperceptibly weak in conventional materials, which are however permitted and can be strong in nanostructured matter.

    Unconventional Light Waves and Anapoles

    We apply nanophotonic tricks to the generation of topologically complex electromagnetic fields, which can reveal hidden (otherwise undetectable) excitations in matter.

Find out more about life as a postgraduate student at the Optoelectronics Research Centre, and the support available (including generous stipends for UK students)

Please direct informal enquiries to Prof. Zheludev and Dr. Plum including a copy of your CV.