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Dr. Parikshit Moitra

Former Project
Ultrafast dynamics in terahertz and optical domains from single and few cycle laser pulses.

Short CV
Dr. Moitra graduated with Bachelor of Engineering from Jadavpur University, India in 2006. Following that he had a stint of industrial experience in Hindalco Industries Limited, India. He pursued his PhD from Vanderbilt University, USA in Interdisciplinary Materials Science (2009-2015). In his PhD research he worked in the field of all-dielectric optical metamaterials. The main motivation of his research was two fold - first, to understand how electric and magnetic Mie resonances in dielectric particles can be used to design metamaterials exhibiting novel and unique optical properties; and second, to experimentally realize metamaterials using nanofabrication techniques, with a strong motivation towards achieving three dimensional and large scale metamaterials. After completing his PhD, Dr. Moitra, has joined the Nanophotonics and Metamaterials Group as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Optoelectronics Research Centre in University of Southampton, UK.

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Joint Conference Contributions

  1. Launching electromagnetic donuts: Non-transverse electromagnetic pulses
    A. Zdagkas, P. Moitra, O. Buchnev, N. Papasimakis, and N. I. Zheludev
    CLEO 2018, San Jose, CA, USA, 13-18 May 2018
  2. Generation of electromagnetic doughnuts
    N. Papasimakis, T. A. Raybould, P. Moitra, V. A. Fedotov, I. Youngs, and N. I. Zheludev
    CLEO Europe - EQEC 2017 , Munich, Germany 25 - 29 Jun 2017