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Microwave and mm-Wave Metamaterials
Location: B53/2029


Vassilli studying the properties of superconducting metamaterials for mm-waves.

anechoic chamber

Nikitas and Vassili investigating the microwave transmission characteristics of a metamaterial.

High Performance Microwave Anechoic Chamber

Manufacturer: Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products Ltd.
Working frequency range: 0.5 - 50 GHz
Working space dimensions: 1830 x 2390 x 3810 mm
Maximum reflectivity @ 0.5 GHz: -30 dB
Maximum reflectivity @ 5.0 GHz (up to 50 GHz): -50 dB

Photo of Setup

Vector Network Analyzer

Model: Agilent E8364B
Working frequency range: 0.01 - 50 GHz
Maximum output power: 5 dBm
Receiver dynamic range: > 82 dB

Photo of Setup